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Birchwood Casey Polishing Cloth, 6" x 9", Lead Remover 31002

Birchwood Casey Polishing Cloth, 6" x 9", Lead Remover 31002
MSRP: $7.90
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Description:  Lead Remover w/ Cloth
Manufacturer:  Birchwood Casey
Manu Part No:  31002
Packaging:  Poly Bag
Size:  6" x 9"
Type:  Cloth
UPC:  029057310023

Brings back original luster and quickly removes leading, burn rings, carbon residue including copper and plastic fouling, rust and tarnish. Excellent for stainless steel, nickel and most metal surfaces. These cloths are great for use on handguns, rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders. Can be cut to size for removing unwanted residue inside the chamber, cylinder, forcing cone, bore and choke. Cleans and polishes metal, wood, glass, plastic and porcelain surfaces, ideal for sporting equipment, home and auto use.

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Birchwood Casey Polishing Cloth, 6" x 9", Lead Remover 31002